Holus brings 3D holographic digital content in your home

Holus 3D HolographicThe ability to view images, apps and whatever content is on screen in 3D as a holograph is what the Holus gives you in your home, workplace or educational environment. Holus is currently on Kickstarter, and is a promising device.

Someone with an interest in science will be able to view DNA structures or the solar system in four various angles, families will be able to play digital board games together, and for developers there are endless possibilities for what the Holus could be used for.

The Holus team wanted to make using digital devices a more “campfire experience”, bring people together rather than isolate them. For example, playing digital games may be multi-player, however the participants will be apart by distance. Those playing a game using the Holus will be physically together using a digital device. The design aimed at being safe, cost-effective, light, energy efficient and engaging for users. It is argued that current display technologies create isolation and stagnation of human movement, and the Holus aims to give answers to these issues.

The Holus makes holographic projections, can track movement through motion tracking technology, connects to devices via Bluetooth or Wifi, offers middleware support to be able to connect to any device, has tempered glass for durability and reliability, has built in speakers, a tablet dock and charges via USB. It is compatible with Leap Motion, Occupital, Emotiv, Kinnect, 3D Printers, smartphones/tablets, desktop/laptop computers. Apps are available on the Google Play and Apple stores.

There are two versions available, a home edition and a pro edition. The home edition comes with the Holus app, can connect to the main tablet and 4 other devices via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. The pro edition comes with a SDK pack download for developers and the ability to create holographic content for the Holus.

This device is filled with possibilities and has me excited. It is something that can be used for play or work, and is a device that should be able to engage users in ways that traditional displays couldn’t dream of. Being able to view and interact with digital content in 3D will be something that will be regular in the future, and that future seems to be coming closer.

The Holus Home is $850, the Holus Pro $950, and bundles are available as well. The Leap Motion Bundle is $1050, Occipital Bundle $1250 and Emotive Bundle $1420. For those who want more than one device, a duo bundle is $1800, trio is $2700, Quadra is $3500 and Penta $4200.

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