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Rumour has it: Amazon Smartphone might feature a 3D user interface

Amazon 3D SmartphoneAmazon has been developing their own smartphone for years, but for the first time we actually get to catch a peek at it, thanks to an exclusive report from BGR.

The massive online market has come a long way since their creation. In the beginning, Amazon was a company all about selling new and used books. Since then they have managed to wriggle their way into most industries, including consumer tech.

With the successful launch of the Kindle Fire, they have already taken a share of the media-focused tablet market, while with the Kindle proper, they have already made themselves stalwarts in the e-reader market, years ago. Now they are looking to finally enter into the smartphone market, and their first release looks looks like it will be a fascinating product.

So far, we don’t have that many specs on the first device coming out in a couple of months. We know that, like many competitors, it will be running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processing chip, and feature the standard high-end grade of 2 GB RAM. It will also have a customized version of Android for the OS, like the Amazon Fire.

One of the main selling points is actually a novelty, but a cool one. The 4.7-inch screen will feature a glasses-free 3D display. This is despite it not featuring a high resolution screen. But let’s be honest, on a display that size, users are unlikely to be able to tell that much difference between the 720p versus the standard high end of 1080p+ screens of competitors. Especially with the rather new 3D mobile capability.

There will be a full six camera to create the 3D effect with media taken using the phone.

Another phone will also be launching later in the year, or early next year. We have next to no details on that model, other than it is an ‘entry-level’ smartphone that will cost less, and have less impressive features to boot. But it should be a welcome addition to the slowly growing low-grade alternative market.

No word yet on what either of these phones will be called.

I find this ridiculously exciting. i will admit, I still own a rather basic Kindle with WiFi and nothing more fancy than that. Even the browser is clunky and experimental, barely able to pick up email.

But I am always thrilled to see a service like Amazon branching out and breaking what is very much a monopoly within electronic industries. Not that Amazon doesn’t own a few monopolies themselves.

Source: BGR

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