Tech companies offer hilariously condescending letter to Trump over immigration

TrumpTechnology companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazing and more have issued an open letter to President Donald Trump. It carefully explains why his executive order on immigration presents a whole host of problems, many of which concern the economy Trump claims to wish to boost. It is also one of the funniest letters ever sent to a president by corporations.

Condescension, Not Outrage

In past letters to presidents or agencies, corporations (particularly in the tech industry) have been strongly worded and angry. When the story broke about back doors being built unknowingly into software, or agencies using customer data to spy, there was almost rabid recriminations. That is not the case here.

The letter contains a carefully worded, patient explanation about the foolishness of the immigration ban. Speaking as though to a 14-year-old who wrote an attempt at a shock essay in ethics class, they lay out why the policy could hurt businesses. They also point out that it is against the very nature of the American system, and could have long term consequences on a global scale.

Best of all, they promise to work with Trump and his administration to come up with a more balanced, workable solution that includes thorough screenings on potential asylum seekers, immigrants, and visa holders. They state in the letter that this workaround could be much more feasible than an all out ban. Which is, as should be obvious to most, freaking stupid.

Immigration Ban: The Racists Take The White House

There is no dancing around the issue, the immigration ban is one of the most egregious examples of institutionalized racism and xenophobia in recent American history. The very fact that Trump supporters don’t see the parallels to other mass forced deportations is frankly astonishing. But then, even many of his supporters are starting to back up and realize they made a mistake.

This executive order is one of more than a dozen made in less than two weeks. It is also on the heels of mass firings, new heads of departments being instated, and an order that would require any new regulation to include two deregulations before they can be passed. Not so surprisingly, those very agencies in charge of those regulations and deciding which stay and go are the very ones he is cleaning out.

Welcome to New America, folks. Leave your cries of hyperbole at the door: this is the beginning of fascism, no accusations of reactionary rhetoric necessary.

Source: Bloomberg

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