Trump’s future immigration demands could hurt tech, alongside everything else

Tech EyeDonald Trump’s shocking ban on immigration is leading some experts to speculate that an impeachment could be on its way after only weeks in office. But it is not just politics, immigration, and world image that is being impacted by this radical policy. It could be hitting the technology industry in ways most wouldn’t expect.

Diversify No More

Think to the last tech company you worked for. You may have noticed something: there is a lot more diversity than in many other industries. This is thanks to the work-visa program that the field has been exploiting for decades. It helps innovators like Google, Microsoft and Apple to find fresh, genius-level talent that isn’t restricted by borders. Every years tens of thousands of people are hired globally for positions at established US name brands, or to work for new startups innovating their individual niches.

But President Trump isn’t happy with just being racist in his policies. He wants to go the extra mile and make his policies extra racist. He wants to overhaul the work visa program, alongside other insane measures like potentially revoking current green card holders. For the tech industry in particular, this could strangle the workforce and start slowing us down in technology invention and production.

Trumps Concerns For “National Interest”

Trump claims in the drafted policy that he is trying to “protect national interests”, meaning putting jobs back into the hands of legal residents of the US, and reducing the number of foreign workers we allow in the country to take up slots that would otherwise go to Americans. It shouldn’t be hard to see why this is problematic at best, and complete bunk at worst.

All this will do is limit the talent, and stifle company’s ability to choose their own workforce. Isn’t that against his rhetoric on the importance of business as sole entities?

In the end, this is just a further move by an out of control wannabe-fascist to enact policies that he thinks will gain him more popularity with the often ignorant groups that are still backing him. That, and bolster the returns for companies that he and others in his circle have a vested interest in pleasing.

Utterly disgusting, far reaching in its many facets of consequences, and more proof that we have elected a self-interest obsessed, bigoted autocrat to linger his hand over the button.

Source: Bloomberg

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