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What’s new in the latest Android Wear 2.0 Version

Android Wear 2.0Google has released an Android Wear before, and it was met with pretty positive reviews by both Google and wearable fans. Now they are announcing Android Wear 2.0, and they promise it will be the ultimate smartwatch on the market.

Better App Integration 

The big news is definitely the app use. In the past incarnation it had a decent interface. But some apps didn’t work well, or they were cumbersome on the less powerful device. Now that has been fixed. You can pick and choose your apps from their watch store, which includes an app to make calls directly from your watch. That’s right, the days of wrist communicators are finally here. Since it is based on a cellular connection you don’t have to have your phone on you to do it, either.

Better Faces

One of the biggest complaints about the original Android Wear was the clock faces. They weren’t nearly as sleek as the Apple Watch, less helpful and informative than the Fitbit Charge, and less intuitive that the Samsung Gear. Now they promise it is better, with new faces that can be personalized in a number of ways. Want to follow your fitness goals for the day? Watch the stock market? Check the weather at a glance? It is all in your power to do so.

Google Assistant

Let’s say you are going for a run and your wife calls. She wants you to set a reservation for that night at your favorite restaurant. Not only can you take her call from the Android Wear, but you can use Google Assistant to make the reservation without even slowing down. You can do a lot with Google Assistant, in fact, and if you are as busy as some professionals are, this could be a massive time saver.

LG Watches

The first two watches that are going to have Android Wear 2.0 will be LG, which is a bit of a surprise. Samsung would have been my own bet. They will be coming out this week, so if you are eager you can start enjoying the new Google Wear 2.0 as early as tomorrow.

Honestly, I am impressed by these. Not that I would get one, given the price tag. But they seem to have really worked out the kinks, and are providing a much more solid product than most of the smartwatches out there. This could be the first truly well rounded wearable of this kind of hit the market.

Source: Google

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