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KeybasePrivacy and security are hot topics in this digital era. There’s a lot of reasons why someone would want to keep information private, and not always for nefarious reasons. A team might be working on privileged information for a company, or you might have a special night planned for your partner. This app has been updated to protect your messages on a range of platforms.

This app helps you to keep track of communication across different internet services in a secure and private way. To achieve the best security, users can share an encryption key to read any messages they receive from other Keybase users. Non-Keybase users will be able to message users of the app as well, but it won’t have the added security.

Keybase is Secure

Keybase doesn’t store any encryptions keys on its servers. The keys are kept with the users and only the users. The only messages and data stored will be on the user’s devices. PGP keys aren’t used in this app, and the designers want to make Keybase for users with little technical knowledge.  If you want to use a PGP key, the app can encrypt and decrypt data using this method.

Keybase will only know who sent the message, who is receiving the message, the size of the message and an ID for the channel. Users will be able to mute conversations. Future updates will feature advanced blocking and muting features.

Some of the platforms this app can use include Twitter, Github and a whole host of other websites.

The app works on a simple theory:

  1. End-to-end encrypt all messages,
  2. but only “exploding messages” (coming soon) will have FS.
  3. Therefore, your history will survive, encrypted, except for the messages you choose.

If you communicate with a range of people online on different platforms and want your messages to be secure, check out Keybase.

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