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CES 2017: Dell unveils Canvas 27-inch Workspace Device and stunning UP3218K 32-inch 8K Monitor

Dell CanvasAt CES 2017, Dell has let loose with two exciting and innovative new devices. For the artist, Dell has its new Canvas. For those who need the best graphics possible, Dell’s 8K monitor will blow you away.

Dell’s Canvas isn’t an all-in-one like Microsoft’s Surface Studio. The Canvas was created as an external monitor to allow creatives easier use of digital devices. Like a paper work pad or canvas, the gadget sits on a desk (Or a stand, if you’d prefer).

Taking a leaf from Microsoft, Dell’s Canvas comes with a puck-like controller called Totem. The controller uses the same code as Microsoft’s Dial (Problem is there are not enough apps to use with the Totem or Dial).

The size of the display is 27-inches with a large bezel. The large bezel is there for the user to rest their hands or arms without getting in the way. The resolution was designed to work with older computers and is low. It’s not horrible, but the resolution is 2560 x 1440.

There is a magnetic strip on the side to hold the stylus. Apps can be pinned to the edges for easy access. Pricing hasn’t been announced for the Canvas, but the release date is around April this year.

Dell’s UP3218K 8K monitor is 32-inches, has more than a billion colours and 33 megapixels. This is a lot of wow-factor for your eyes. Only Sharp’s 27-inch IGZO prototype comes close, and that device isn’t ready for production yet. But Dell’s will be available on the 23rd March.

Dell 8K MonitorThe desktop monitor is 32 inches, constructed of aluminium and has 100 percent coverage of the AdobeRGB and sRGB colour gamuts. The resolution is 7680 x 4320 with a pixel density of 280ppi. Essentially, this monitor is four 4K displays, or 16 Full HD panels working together. A massive, monster of a screen.

There is minimal bezel, so there’s no wasted space. The market of this monitor is graphic designers, photographers and photo professionals who want to be able to see the smallest detail in high detail. The price tag is out of the league for the masses, coming in at $4,999. Over time, screens of this quality will fall in price.

Source: Dell

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