CES 2017: Misfit releases new Vapor smartwatch for those who want a classic look

Misfit Vapor SmartwatchThe Fossil Group has released a new smartwatch under their acquired company Misfit, called the Vapor. This time they have found an interesting balance between the fashion forward look of Misfits tech jewelry, and Fossil’s attention to high performance features.

Misfit Vapor: The Smartwatch That Looks Good

One of the biggest complaints about most wearables is the way they all look the same. They are bulky, ugly, and trendy in an unappealing way. Those of us who have one, whether in smartwatch or fitness band form, just put up with the way it lays limp and heavy on the wrist and makes us look like total tools.

The Vapor may finally offer a way around that. Unlike the thick, square contraptions we are used to, the Vapor’s design is similar to an old school round face watch. It also has metallic framing and clasps on the band, giving it a sleek and classic appearance so unlike its competitors.

A beautiful 1.4″ AMOLED display comes with 326 PPI, which you may think isn’t necessary on a smartwatch. You aren’t exactly going to be watching movies on it. But it helps to bring out the unique look of the touchscreen, and display the round circle of icons that line the inside of the screen well.

Do More

Like all of these devices it is part entertainment streamer, part fitness tracker, and part productivity watch. We don’t have any software details yet, but several websites have already speculated that an Android Wear device is the most likely one. It will have to be adapted for a largely Chinese market base, since most of their products are sold in that country.

This might be their chance to really break into a Western market, however. The more attractive design lends itself to a more appealing products overall, as does its more multi-purpose list of uses.

I have never been shy on my opinion about most wearables in the past. But I have a confession to make: about the middle of last year, I did the unthinkable and bought a fitness tracking smartwatch. Yes, I succumbed, and I have enjoyed owning it. While I still don’t get the hype for the more expensive brands, I could see myself falling under the allure of this particular model. It just looks so much better than my to-remain-unnamed fitness watch.

Not to mention the price tag…this baby only costs $199, which is a steal.

Source: Misfit

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