Samsung releases POWERbot VR7000 voice controlled robot vacuum

Samsung Powerbot VR7000Samsung has taken another step into smarthome control products with the release of POWERbot VR7000, a smart robot that vacuum’s via voice control.

POWERbot VR7000: The Next Roomba?

The POWERbot VR7000 is an interesting product. It follows by an idea that we have already seen, though in a less advanced state. The comparisons to the Roomba, a long existing vacuuming robot that auto tracks through the home, are easy to make. But Samsung promises that this product will be so much more.

Following in the footsteps of the POWERbot VR9000, most customers who saw the last incarnation are skeptical. The VR9000 was large (over 5″ tall), and cumbersome. It didn’t maneuver very well, and indeed was less effective than the less advanced Roomba of ten years ago.

This time Samsung has made some adjustments that they say will vastly improve the experience. For one thing, it is now only 4″ tall and is much thinner. That makes it easier to fit under smaller gaps, and helps it slide around corners. The suction line gets it closer to the wall than most, with cleaning capabilities up to a half an inch. You will still have to pull out the vacuum hose to get along baseboards, but it isn’t bad.

Suction itself is fairly impression. It comes with 20 watts, which is enough to get a bit more than surface debris. It can also pick up somewhat larger objects than other models, so you won’t be left with, say, a scrap of paper left on the ground once it is done.

The brushes are made to rotate in a way that lessens dirt and hair trapped around the bristles. So it is easier to clean, doesn’t have to be as obsessively maintained, and cleans more effectively.

The Amazon Connection

One interesting feature of the POWERbot VR7000 is that it only works with Amazon Echo. For those that don’t know, Echo is a sort of personal home assistant. Operating through Bluetooth, you give voice controls that activate different devices around your home.

By making Samsung exclusively compatible with Amazon Echo, they are showing clearly where they feel the future of home tech lies. And that isn’t hard to justify, given how far the online retail giant has already come in the smarthome game.

All in all, this looks like an improved version of the POWERbot VR9000, with its slimmed size, better suction, and clearer voice controls. The connection to Amazon Echo makes it more accessible to most households, as well.

Source: PC Mag

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