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With Matrix Powerwatch smartwatch you might forget about battery life

Matrix PowerwatchIt seems like a fact of life now – If you use it during the day, then at night it’ll need to be plugged in and charged. But, what if you could charge the watch yourself, using the energy your body creates? That’s what the Matrix Powerwatch (By Arrow Electronics) does, takes your body’s thermoelectricity and converts it to usable energy.

Matrix Powerwatch

The Matrix Powerwatch is more a fitness tracker that has the appearance of a smartwatch. The design looks like a watch with a decent sized screen for information. The display is 1.2 inches in diameter and 46mm diameter in total. The face is interchangeable, and the casing is rugged aircraft-grade aluminium.

There are two versions, the standard Powerwatch and the Powerwatch X. The Powerwatch X is 50mm in total diameter with the same display. The main difference between the models is water resistance. The standard model is water resistant to up to 50m, while the X model can resist submersion in 200m of water. The X device also have notifications pop up on the screen.

Other features of the Powerwatch include a calories counter, step count, sleep quality readings, LED backlight and an Ambiq Appollo MCU.

Track Yourself, Know Yourself

A special Black Ops edition is also available due to high demand. This edition has a different bezel surface treatment to give it a distinctive black look – Black anodization. A woven stainless steel Milanese strap adds a feel that while this watch looks good, it’s also up to whatever task you need it.

Matrix PowerWatch HandThe app will be available on Android and iOS. Through the app you can see how many calories you’ve burned, steps taken, information on your sleeping habits and how much electric power you’re generating. Support for Apple Healthkit and Google Fit is available. A social element has been added where you can compete with your friends with your fitness goals.
When you take the Powerwatch off, it uses a small battery to keep itself asleep. Once you out it back on, the device switches itself back on and starts from where you left off.

There is currently a Christmas special available – A Powerwatch for $109 US, a Black Ops edition for $129 US, or an X version for $159. A twin pack is $218, and a family four-pack is $436. If you’re a distributor, a 100 pack will set you back $9999 US.

Source: IndieGoGo

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