Apple announces the new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple Macbook Pro Touch BarApple announced at their Fall event today that they will be releasing a new MacBook Pro. This time, they claim, it will be more powerful than ever.

The MacBook has been a staple of the Apple line for years, offering some of the most modern innovations on the market. Of course, it is still made to appeal to Apple fans, and many have avoided it for the sake of its software, the MacOS, and the frustrations of limiting features like the dreaded iTunes.

Now, Apple is hoping some of the perks of their latest model will get people over the love it or hate it hump that curses many of their flagships.

The New MacBook Pro

With Microsoft’s Fall event just behind us, it is hard not to compare this MacBook Pro to the latest Surface. For one thing, this is the thinnest MacBook yet, at only 14.9 mm for the 13″ model (3 lbs), and 15.5 mm for the 15″ model (4 lb).

It isn’t detachable, which is no surprise; Apple wouldn’t want to potentially take away sales of their iPads by offering a way to convert a MacBook Pro into a tablet. Nor does it offer a touchscreen. But it is easily connectable to addition screens and RAID systems, and comes equipped with two very loud speakers. Obviously, this is an upgrade from former models that were lacking in both those qualities.

One thing that they did right was the display, which looks gorgeous. It is adjustable to be brighter than most laptops, and it is 25% more vibrant in colors. It also has a 67% higher contrast ratio, and that is a major plus for gamers in particular who want to see the graphics of their games in better color.

Speaking of graphics, they have upped their GPU power with as much as 3.8 GHz. They claim it gives 15% faster graphics, and certainly past MacBook Pros have been a little behind on the gaming aspect. With a couple of high res screens and RAID systems, this could make a seriously good, portable gaming laptop. Maybe without some of the better qualities of a Windows 10, but better than before.

Different Models, Different Prices

There will be three models to choose from:

  • 13″ 2.0 GHz dual-core for $1,499
  • 13″ 2.9 GHz dual-core for $1,799 (comes with fingerprint ID and touchbar)
  • 15″ 2.6 GHz quad-core for $2,399

They offer you the chance to customize for additional fees if you choose.

Source: Apple, Apple PR

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