Stand Up and Be Counted With The Gaze Desk

Gaze DeskWho knew you could make a desk that connects to the internet of things? The Gaze Desk takes the humble desk and gives it a major upgrade. Billed at the “Smartest Standing Desk Ever”, the Gaze Desk turns a piece of furniture into a digital device.

A Digital Desk for the Internet of Things

So, how does is this desk digital and what does it do? Well, it helps your health by reminding you to stand, sit or move. It times how long you sit or stand for and how many calories you burn while working. For social media lovers, social media functions built into the desk. Work well and you can get achievement badges.

Reminders are sent to you via an app on your smartphone. You can compete against your friends and be ranked on your standing time, calories lost or just being able to maintain a healthy routine. Great if you want to remain fit and are conscious about your health. The app also suggests your ideal sitting or standing positions based

The Internet of Things Gets You Stuff With The Gaze Desk

In terms of the internet of things, you could have a cup of coffee sent to you as soon as you arrive at your desk (If you’re at your desk, then a coffee is ordered). If there’s a meeting happening soon, then the Gaze Desk will set itself up to offer more space.

As you can guess, the design is ergonomic for increased user experience. The Gaze Desk is two-tiered with adjustable heights. There’s a rotary control, memory functions for your favoured settings and will give you recommendations on correct height. The desk comes in four colours – black, white oak and walnut. Traditional colours, simple design but with the addition of a digital mind.

There are stretch goals that add extra functionality to the Gaze Desk. If funding is reached, a smart foot mat and smart height measure lamp will be available. These will mean the desk can be better customised for your needs.

Currently available on Kickstarter, the basic single desk early bird special is $359 or $459 as a Kickstarter special. The smart desk is $499 for the early bird special and $699 for the Kickstarter special. The Masstige model with natural wood veneer desktop is $799. A tilted whiteboard desktop is $859. The Prestige model with premium hardwood desktop is $999. There’s also twin packs and a children’s desk available.

Source: Kickstarter

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