Ford will begin building self-driving cars

Ford Auto DrivingFord has announced today that they will begin building self-driving cars without steering wheels. They hope to launch their first on the market by 2021.

The line will be similar to those we are seeing from Tesla and Google, but with a few differences. For one, this is Ford, a mass productive brand that has been at the head of American auto manufacturing from near the beginning of the technology.

So while Tesla has always had a green and sustainability bent, and Google has always been dedicated to synchronized technology, Ford will likely be more dedicated to commercialized auto features. Their vehicles will probably be much the same as their models now, but with modern advances thrown on top.

Ford Gets Their Head In The Game

This is not at all a surprising move. With cars now coming off of the assembly line, and controversy after Tesla’s tragic accident where a man was killed on the road, Ford is jumping on the bandwagon. As the future of automobiles is definitely in automation, it is only a matter of time before others start following suit.

Even Ford’s executive VP, Raj Nair, admits it is about keeping up with the times. But he also claims that they have a leg up.

“Ford has been developing and testing autonomous vehicles for more than 10 years. We have a strategic advantage because of our ability to combine the software and sensing technology with the sophisticated engineering necessary to manufacture high-quality vehicles. That is what it takes to make autonomous vehicles a reality for millions of people around the world.”

The Future Of Cars

There is no doubt the mad scramble for auto-driving supremacy is going to lead to some interesting changes in the next decade. Just in the next five years alone we could see these automated vehicles become commonplace. Which would lead to changes in laws, transportation prices, and a lot more.

Frankly, we aren’t ready for it. Technology moves so much faster than regulation, so as we make the transition it is sure to be frustrating and full of bumps in the road.

It also doesn’t address issues like pollution, renewable energy, and expanding populations within small city limits happening all over the world. It seems as though now might be the best possible time to begin investing in public transportation.

But then again, I am a terrible driver. Maybe a car that does it for me is exactly what I need.

Source: Computer World

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