Evidence shows Craig Wright may not be Bitcoin creator

BitCoin LogoAs previously mentioned on It’s a Gadget, Australian Craig Wright outed himself as the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto Satoshi. This is being heavily disputed, however.

Facts against Wright

Technology sites and blogs have gone about debunking White’s claim. Old blog posts were created and manipulated by Wright to contain information point to him. The PGP key connected to Satoshi isn’t connected to Wright. Apparently the PGP cipher-suites weren’t available at the time. The metadata involved gave this away as a fake. No evidence can be found on the keyservers from 2011 or any older key server dumps.

Is Wright a Fraudster?

Wright is being shown up to be a fraudster. A LinkedIn profile for Wright claims he holds two Ph.D.’s from Charles Sturt University, Australia. According to Forbes, Charles Sturt denies granting Wright the Phds.

Wright claimed to be in a strategic partnership with SGI through his company CloudSoft. SGI claim in Forbes that CloudSoft was never a customer. CloudSoft had previously released a press statement that quoted an SGI executive. The press statement mentioned crypto-currency financial fields.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is investigating Wright’s finances. The ATO claims Wright has committed fraud. One company that was run by Wright paid $29 million to the Wright Family Trust and $1 million to fund the running of the company. Wright that claimed a refund on the money he paid to his family trust. In the investigation, Wright claimed to the ATO that he created Bitcoin.

Wright also claimed a tax refund for supercomputers that didn’t exist. The actions of Wright point to someone attempting to avoid paying tax more than someone who created a crypto-currency. It is possible that Wright would mention he was Satoshi when it would get him out of trouble or to raise money from investors.

According to those who have worked with Wright, there’s no way he is capable of creating the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Apparently he’s very good at convincing people of untruth using words. But when it comes time for action, he can’t live up to his claims.

Craig Wright is most likely not Bitcoin creator

While there is some evidence that Wright could be Satoshi, it’s unlikely he is. There is a number of sites out there with extensive lists of evidence to show Wright is more a fraudster than anything else. Wright appears more like a man backed into a corner who can’t get out in one piece anymore.

Source: DanKaminsky

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