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The UBIK UNO smartphone – High Specs for a Low Price

UBIK UNOAndroid phones are popular, and the OS is everywhere. There is a massive range of phones that use the Android OS that are high-end phones and cheaper alternatives. There is a gap in the flagship models released and second and third tier devices on the market. UBIK has released the UBIK UNO on Kickstarter with the aim of making a high quality, high spec Android OS based smartphone at a low cost.

Before I speak about the UBIK UNO, I’d like to mention why UBIK are choosing to make a smartphone with flagship specs at a low price: Because it’s what consumers want. Companies like Samsung and Apple spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising that requires them to make back some of that money on the devices. It’s a question of how much of the price of an iPhone or Galaxy is the cost of marketing the product, and it’s odd that a customer is paying the company to advertise to them. In previous articles, the OnePlus Two phone was mentioned.

This idea of releasing flagship smartphones without the added costs is a benefit to users and developers of Android apps. The more people who have smartphones capable of using the most up to date and advanced apps will mean a bigger customer base for developers.

Now on to the phone. The UNIK UNO is designed to get the best possible smartphone into the hands of users. The processor is 2.2GHz Octacore, 3GB of RAM, 16GB storage expandable to 80GB, has an NFC chip, 5.5 1080p IPS FHD display and fast charging capabilities. In the OS, it’s a stock Android system without any bloatware. The version of Android being used is Lollipop 5.1. The camera, an important selling point in smartphones is 20MP for the back camera.

UBIK is an open source company that has forums, blogs and polls that ask the users what they want in their device. It seems smarter than spending money on advertising telling people what they want. The technology that powers smartphones is becoming cheaper to produce, and companies like UBIK OnePlus are taking advantage of the wants of customers. It’s also great that having a smartphone without the need for a yearly contract is possible.

The UBIK UNO will retail for $345, but you are able to get one as a super early bird special of $280, an early bird special for $299, $320 when those specials are sold out, $555 for two units, $840 for three and the Ultra 10 pack for $2,990.

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