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Motorola Announces Moto X Style, Moto X Play and a new Moto G

Motorola Moto X StyleMotorola have announced three new models to its smartphone range, the Moto X Style, Moto X Play and Moto G. These are third generation phones that continue the style of Motorola’s range with changes in battery life and camera.

The camera and battery life appear to be where the battle for the customer is fought now, as smartphones with lower specs are just as usable and capable as the flagship models. Having a choice is important for the consumer, as not everyone needs the best specs within the device. The battery life of smartphones has been a frustration for many people and social media is helping to fuel a rise in people taking photos and sharing them.

The Motorola blog compares smartphones to a significant other and speaks up the devotion of people to their devices. With the closeness of users to their devices, Motorola creates their phones customizable and unique. This is done with the Motorola X Style, as users are able to choose the color and material of the backing case. Materials include Saffiano leather and woods of different grains.

The Android OS that runs the Motorola is available in Motorola’s custom software or a stock Android version known as Moto X Pure Edition. For some customers, this choice will be a good thing. Not everyone likes the prepackaged apps that come with Android phones. Using a Galaxy S4, I enjoyed the phone but the added apps I didn’t want or need was bothersome, especially when they used up data when I didn’t want them to.

The battery life is said to be greater, lasting up to 48 hours. How this goes with constant use is a question as smartphones are used and not left to sit there. If I use the Moto X or G all day for using apps, how will it go? It is also claimed that the battery gets 8 hours of power from 15 minutes of charge. This is something very helpful for those on the go who don’t have an hour or more to wait for their phone to charge.

The screen size of the Moto X Style has been improved, being 5.7-inches over 5.2-inches. The Moto X Play is 5.2-inches and the Moto G has a 5-inch screen size. Motorola has put in universal LTE banding so users can go with whichever carrier they like.

The Moto X Style will be available worldwide from September, priced at $399. The X Play will be available in Canada, Europe and Latin America next year but not the US. The Moto G starts at $179.99 and currently available.

Source: Motorola

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