Google launches Project Fi mobile network service

Google Project FiGoogle are launching a new idea called Project Fi. Project Fi aims to offer a service that helps with the connectivity of digital devices for those who are constantly on the move. Connectivity and communications so important themes in the world today. Social media connects across platforms, and so do our files and apps. The phone number, one of our most important contact details, often isn’t connected to your various devices.

Google’s Project Fi will work to give you the best network you can be connected to. This could be a verified Wi-Fi hotspot or a 4G LTE network. Scanning the environment around you, the new technology figures out which is the fastest network for you to be connected to. The aim of this is to make sure there’s never a moment when the connection drops out. Phone calls will be seamless, without any dropouts or connection issues during the call.

Your phone number will be connected to all your devices and stored in Google’s cloud. Someone calling your phone will be able to reach you on your tablet or PC. If you are busy on your laptop and can’t get to your phone, you’ll be able to send a SMS on your desktop. Or, should you lose your phone, you’ll still be contactable by your phone number on any device.

Prices for Google’s Project Fi are simple. There is one basic plan, $20 a month, that gets you talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering and international coverage in over 120 countries. In the U.S. and abroad (For U.S. users.) it will be $10 per GB of data. Google are giving customers full credit back for any unused data. Currently the project is only in certain spots in the U.S. and available for Nexus 6 users. Sprint and T-Mobile are partners in this project with Google.

This idea is a good one by Google. Apple has had their devices connected for some time now. Users of OSX and iOS have been able to have their phone numbers connected across their devices seamlessly without needing to pay for any extra service. Microsoft and Android users don’t have this kind of seamless connectivity, and so this service will be a positive for many. A lost phone won’t mean as much as it previously did, should this technology take off. This service will be worth the cost for many people, who need to remain connected constantly.

Source: Google

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