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Endless – A smart desktop designed for the developing world

Endless Smart DesktopAround 5 billion people don’t have computers, a majority of the world. Endless was born from a thought on a trip to India, that a smart phone’s processor could run a desktop operating system. Smart phone processors are inexpensive and mobile. Using the mobile capabilities, Endless will enable anyone with access to a television to have a desktop PC to use.

The project is well thought out. The OS comes with pre-packaged apps that don’t require the internet to be used. For areas without a reliable internet service (Or with no internet at all.), the desktop can still be used. An app service will allow users to download apps in a click. The apps that come with the OS include topics like games, health, recipes, farming, healthy teeth, home how-to’s and others. Educational apps are also available with the device, such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, academic curricula and educational games.

The ability for easier access to desktop computer will help a range of people in developing countries. Smart phones may be widespread, but desktops are better for content creation. Desktops will also be able to be shared with the family, rather than as a single user device. Endless have designed the OS to be used with zero training. For those without computer knowledge, being able to us the apps out of the box will hopefully give them the confidence to learn more.

Endless OSA Discovery Centre is available in the OS. This is for those who have internet access, and it is a gateway to the wider world online. Users are able to find news articles, how to pay bills and find jobs and learned how to program online. Apps are there for small business, ranging from spreadsheets to micro-entrepreneurship. Specialised apps have been developed, with a story of a man in debt using the OS to get him understanding his finances.

This device is something the creators are proud of, and it’s easy to understand why. The power to compute, the ability to easily seek and gain information from the wide world is possibly life altering for many people who haven’t had access to any of this before. It makes sense that a smart phone could be used as a desktop processor, and connecting it to a television gives so many more access to a computer. The pre-packaged apps will be of use to many, especially as they are designed for developing areas.

Source: Kickstarter

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