Big Skinny Wallets takes a simple concept and make it more high tech

Slim Wallet RFID -BlockEvery once in awhile a product comes along that doesn’t look to create a future product, but to improve on something that already exists. Big Skinny Wallets are an example of that kind of technology, after launching on Kickstarter and promising a high tech wallet that solves five common problems everyone tends to have.

The Big Skinny Wallet is made up of three components. First is the outside, which is crafted out of your standard leather. Inside, it has made pockets and card slots out of nylon microfiber, which is thinner and stretchier than other materials usually used for card holders. Finally, there is the third component, which gives it an edge. It is an RFID protecting polyblend of copper and nickel.

With the protective metals woven into the wallet, it keeps people who have an RFID reader from gathering your data and potentially stealing your information or cloning your card. All while making your wallet itself 50% smaller, and so harder to steal. So this is a very convenient and protective product for very little, that solves an everyday problem that most of us never take the time to address. That makes it one of the more unique tech related Kickstarter projects out there.

Right now, they have several options to choose from if you choose to buy:

  • World Zip – For international travelers.
  • World Bifold – Without the zip.
  • Super Skinny – A basic skinny wallet that folds.
  • Travel Wallet – For holding important documents, but smaller than the World Zip.
  • Card Holder – For those who just have cards to carry, and little else.
  • Taxicat – A curved wallet, great for pockets.
  • Slimvelope – A wallet made in the form of a clutch, with added fashion appeal.
  • +Sized MyPhone – Carries your phone along with all wallet contents.

This project isn’t what you generally expect of a tech crowdfunded effort. Most of the time, when you see tech projects on these sites they will be like the incredible JIBO robot, or Keecker projection screens. Compared to those, Big Skinny Wallets are incredibly boring and underwhelming.

Maybe that is why I am so fond of the idea of this project. It isn’t flashy, or impressive. It is just a functional version of something we already have, that has a technical edge that makes it a bit more appealing. I am planning on buying one for both myself and my husband, because who doesn’t want a wallet that doesn’t bulge, keeps cards secure, and protects your data? A crazy person, that’s who.

Source: Kickstarter

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