Keecker’s HomePod Kickstarter campaign aims to bring projected screens to every home

Keecker HomePod Projected ScreenA new Kickstarter campaign has introduced the world to Keecker, a wireless entertainment device that creates an interactive, projected screen and mobile media center.

This isn’t the projected screen ideas that you are seeing from other companies. This is an actual computer, one that was designed entirely with home entertainment use in mind. Instead of a screen, it creates one. Or it allows users to project sound instead, offering mobile music in surround sound. In addition, you can play games, make video calls, create home decoration, and browse the web.

What makes this such a cool device is that it moves. Not just where you put it, but it will literally follow you around the house. It is a little media robot, which is controlled through your mobile devices via WIFI. You can install apps like Netflix, Google Play, Skype, YouTube and a lot more, so that lets you bring those apps into any room without worrying about having a screen or device to use them on.

They have a number of examples of the decorative uses on the Kickstarter page that are interesting. You can project any setting into a room, so you are essentially creating a screensaver for your wall. If that is your thing, it is a cool little addition to an already well made computer.

For home safety, the app will show you stats about your home as your Keecker moves through it. If it detects unusual motion in your home while you have set it to monitor, it will send you a notification. It also has noise alerts, temperature change monitoring, and the ability to create customized alerts for whatever you want watched.

The only really creepy aspect is the “live monitoring” feature. You can send it via mobile to any room and have it send a live stream of that room to your phone. So you can use it as a mobile security camera to watch your family. Sure, that isn’t any different than installing a webcam or nanny cam, but something about it gives me the chills.

If you can get past that little potential invasion of privacy, this is a pretty cool project. Right now, you can actual save $3,000 off the retail price, and pay under $2,000 for the first one. Estimated delivery is April 2015. If you have always wanted a robotic personal computer you can control through your phone and do a lot of media stuff with, then this is definitely the time to be alive.

Source: Kickstarter


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