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Microsoft plans for Windows 10 to offer FIDO support

Fido Security Key USBMicrosoft has announced that their Windows 10 platform will offer Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) support, in a bid to begin eliminating the need for passwords, and to provide an extra layer of cyber security to their users.

FIDO is believed by many to be the natural next step in securing the web. The reliance on passwords has long since been a concern, as experts admit that it is simpler than ever before to crack into accounts.

The FIDO Alliance was created to address the use of this new technology, and contains a number of high profile corporations on its board and in its membership. This include Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, Bank of America, and dozens of others.

With this the most likely form of next-gen privacy tech, the White House hosted an event to discuss the integration of FIDO today. During that meeting of major technology and corporate players, alongside security firms like Trustworthy Computing, the Windows 10 upgrade was announced. The VP of that group, Scott Charney, was there as a representative of Microsoft, who said they were moving past the need for passwords.

Using a two-factor authentication process, users of Windows 10 will be able to login to most major Microsoft applications, such as Office 365, and Salesforce. All without having to use a password.

Members of the Windows Insider Program can begin trying out this feature right away. The current build has integrated the FIDO protocol, so it only requires the auto-release to use.

This is big news, to be sure. Microsoft seems to be doing everything possible to regain their edge, not only with FIDO use, but with other major announcements like the free upgrade from 7 or higher, and their HoloLens program.

Could it be that Microsoft is becoming an industry innovator once again? After being overtaken by Google and Apple in so many arenas, it is a thrill to watch them filling the gap and coming up with interesting products that people are both excited for, and ready to use.

Satya Nadella’s company is much closer to how it was under Bill Gates, and I for one cannot wait to see what is next.

Source: Windows Blog


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