The future is here: Darma introduces us to smart sitting technology

Darma Smart Sitting TechnologyA new Kickstarter project is aiming to change the way we sit. They are doing this through the application of a new level of health related technology…smart sitting technology.

Darma is a rather simple concept: a cushion you put on your desk chair tells you when to correct your posture, do specific stretches to ease tension due to how you normally sit, and alerts you when you should get up and move around.

Through these tactics (which are commonly suggested ones for overall health) you should be able to improve your overall spinal alignment, lessen strain on the neck and shoulders, eliminate seating related pain, and live a less sedentary lifestyle.

How does it work?

Sensors are placed throughout the cushion that measure things like posture, length you have been sitting, and changes in wait distribution thanks to how your leans forward, back, or hunch over. It then sends alerts to your phone.

Let’s say you are hunching forward. An alert will be sent to your phone showing that you are in a posture range that is bad for you. You straighten to redistribute weight to the cushion properly, at which time it tells you that you have entered into a healthier posture.

But it does more than that. It also measures your heart rate and respiration. So if you are getting too stressed, it tells you to take a moment to meditate,  breath, and calm yourself. This lessens that stress, and promotes a healthier work ethic.

See? smart sitting technology isn’t an exaggeration.

This has already gone well over their projected goal, and it keeps climbing. In spite of that, only 42 people have backed it. What makes that so cool is that you still have time to end up as the first wave of receivers of the final product. There aren’t a ton of people clambering to get it yet, so no real risk of a shortage is you back it now.

Sadly, the super early bird special is sold out, but you can still get a discount price for $129, if you hurry.

I think this is a pretty cool product, as someone who works at a desk every day. I tend to use set timer breaks, and work on my posture, but it hasn’t been that effective. Maybe this would be a decent investment to help with my overall efforts.

Source: Kickstarter

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