Google X allegedly working on ‘puzzle piece’ mega screens

GoogleGoogle’s ever intriguing secretive operations department, Google X, is allegedly working on giant screens that are made up of smaller ones, which can be connected together to form different sized displays.

People inside of the top secret project say that the idea is to provide small screens that can be built into different sizes and shapes. Once they have been combined into a single screen of the dimensions needed, the image will be seamless and perfectly synced, forming a mega display that can be used for various forms of media.

The project is said to be headed by Mary Lou Jepsen, who left the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005 to join the One Laptop Per Child non-profit. Three years later, she started Pixel Qi, before joining Google X as the Head Of Display Division in 2013.

If anyone can pull this kind of thing off, it is a team led by Jepsen. She is well known in the display industry for creating some of the largest ambient displays ever seen. Her company, Pixel Qi, specialized in high performance, low power screens for mobile devices.

We don’t know many details about the mega displays they are trying to create now, but it is a really cool idea. Just imagine being able to customize a screen on a whim.

Especially now that we have technology coming out that allows you to easily project mobile apps and such onto walls and flat surfaces. This could be integrated into that kind of technology, as it is advanced, which would have some really amazing applications for everything from the consumer to education sectors.

Of course, that is all theoretical, and I am getting ahead of myself. The Google X project hasn’t even been confirmed, and there is no word on how close to a prototype they might be. But if they pull it off (and this is Google, so they seem a likely candidate for the first to do so), they will change screen design forever.

Now that it has been leaked, it is sure to start catching the interest of other companies, as well. None of the mobile and tech contenders can stop themselves from stealing ideas based on early concepts and trying to race to the finish line with a completed product.

Just you wait, Samsung, Apple, Sony and Microsoft are going to be on this like flies on honey. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for leaks of similar projects to start hitting the web.

Source: WSJ

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