Security firms struggle with Apple iMessage spam

Apple and MalwareThose with Apple devices, both computer and mobile, may have noticed a growing number of spam messages being sent across the board. That is thanks to a vulnerability with iMessage, which allows spammers to easily send their “offers” to any Apple owners.

In a very short time, 30% of all mobile spam has become the domain of spammers using iMessage, the messaging service by Apple. It is a growing problem that has security firms working over time in an attempt to combat it.

According to reports, one particularly aggressive and widespread spam campaign has managed to up mobile spam in particular. All it takes is a little bit of coding and it is being sent off to Apple devices all at once.

These spam messages are usually selling something, such as knockoff designer items and accessories. Anything could potentially be sent, however, such as messages attempting to connect with “contest winners”, or collecting fake debts as a means to mine financial information. The possibilities are as endless as they are with email spam.

For the most part, people are too jaded at this point to be taken in by these types of messages. But for some who are less wary, it could be a problem. For others, it is just a nuisance.

Apple has so far not commented, though are aware of the problem thanks to the growing impact it has on their iMessage server. You can not only send a certain number of messages from the system, but that is a small problem for spammers who are used to finding ways around similar foils.

If you are on iMessage, you are already at risk of becoming a victim of these spam texts. Sadly, they can be sent in the dozens at a time, and your carrier can’t block the number or put a stop to it. Apple doesn’t seem any closer to stopping it themselves.

Wired recently did a story based on the issue, and suggest limiting notifications on devices to people on your contacts lists. But all that does is stop constant buzzing and home screen alert, not the texts themselves.

Honestly, this is a big problem for Apple, and one they should have been prepared for. The iMessage system was an obvious target for illegal activity, and obviously it would provide a serious annoyance for users. Their slow pace at taking care of it is sure to make more than a few customers angry.

If you aren’t yet signed up with iMessage, it might be a good idea to stay away for now.

Source: Wired

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