IndieGoGo project TouchPico introduces touchscreens to any surface

IndieGoGo TouchPicoA new IndieGoGo project has introduced projected touchscreens that can be applied to any surface.

Tabletop electronics have been more or less a failure from the time they were introduced back in the 80’s. But now a high tech spin is looking to change that, turning touchscreens into a portable tool that can be applied to any surface.

TouchPico is a projector that is both handheld and powerful. It uses projected touch interface and wireless streaming to create a surface touchscreen that comes directly from an Android run PC.

You can project up to an 80″ touchscreen, download and interact with apps, and bring mobile technology to everything from a table to a wall.

With a stylus that works along that display, it allows you to actually interact directly with the projection, rather than just copying the movements from a handheld device. You can also use a more traditional form of interaction through your PC’s mouse, or your smartphone.

Possibly the most interesting thing about this tool is that it is completely portable. You can take the projector along with you in your pocket, and as long as you have the stylus it will work anywhere. It can directly stream content, using a WIFI connection.

Like all the most innovative projects, the goal has already been well overshot by more than $500,000. You can get your own $379, which is more than $100 off the retail price. They also have a “pay later” option, where you can reserve your TouchPico for $99.

They are already selling a developer’s back, if you are looking to take advantage of their Android app integration. From developing games to other software, it is ripe for creating new features during the beginning stage.

Check it out!

Source: IndieGoGo


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