The end has come for Google TV

Google TV BoxAfter the project was an abject failure, Google is reportedly ending Google TV. However, the service itself is going nowhere, just the name and the focus. It appears Android TV will take over once Android 4.4 KitKat will be officially released.

Sources from manufacturing plants that create Google TV devices have confirmed that they will no longer be doing so. But that doesn’t mean that the company is giving up on their television dreams. They are just changing them around for something more sustainable.

Over the last several months, brands like Sony and STMicroelectronics have continued to churn out products that include Google in the equation. However, they have failed to mention Google TV in any of their press releases or technical specs. Instead, they specify that their devices are compatible with Android and Google services.

This all appears to be an attempt to rebrand the project and distance themselves from what has been a three years failure to break into the online television market. They were able to finally wriggle their way in with the much cheaper, simpler Chromecast, which is still a big seller. The need for Google TV has officially died out, though thanks to high prices there was little demand in the first place.

With the success of the Chromecast, Google has a new purpose for their television efforts. It is all about being simple, affordable, easy to use and integrated with their Android devices and other services. Which is what they have always been in every other way. Google TV was definitely dead weight.

Details are pretty  much non-existent beyond this point. They aren’t talking, and even the rebranding seems to be unfinished. GigaOM says that Google TV will become Android TV.It appears that the shift towards Android TV will be similar with what happened with Android Honeycomb when it was discontinued once Android Ice Cream Sandwich was released. Knowing that at this time Google TV works with Android 3.2 it’s expected that Android 4.4 KitKat, which will be announced anytime soon, should be the first version that might support smart TV’s.

It also isn’t clear if they will just continue to integrate Android into devices from other companies, or if they will create an upgraded version of Chromecast in time to continue its success.

But both of those seem likely, especially after Sony launched the Bravia TV stick a few weeks ago.

Source: GigaOM

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