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Samsung Ativ Q hybrid tablet was made official

Samsung Ativ Q Hybrid TabletSamsung  unveiled today during  the press event from London another hybrid device called Ativ Q.

The Samsung Ativ Q device is the latest in a series of combination releases that have been big on the market this summer. Taking advantage of consumer needs for portability, they also allow you to buy a single device that has multiple functions, and so limits what you have to carry for certain features.

Models that try to link together phones and tablets (phablets), as well as phones and cameras (such as Samsung’s introduction to their flagship Galaxy series in the Galaxy S4 Zoom) are a bit clumsy. But this should prove to be a more natural combination, using the already similar platforms of tablets and laptops, but allowing for both touch screen and key/mouse controlled screens.

What the Ativ Q is already getting praise for is its genuinely unique design. Where other brands are offering separate docks you have to purchase to convert it into a laptop instead of a standard tablet, this one comes all in one. The screen folds over the top of the keys and track buttons, which can be pulled out when needed. It makes it a little thicker, but still lightweight.

The tablet portion has a touchscreen that can be used both with and without it in keyboard mode. It uses both Windows 8 and Android, and the two are better integrated than with other products. You can even pull apps from Android into your Windows screen by holding it down on the touchscreen and dragging it into Windows Pins. Giving you easier access without sliding from one operating system to another, and better improving the laptop/tablet dynamic.

In addition you have a  3200 x 1800 resolution display (higher definition than many), which is 13.3 inches. The Intel Core i5 processor chip is among the brand new developments out of Haswell, which we have been hearing about constantly. It should perform very well knowing that it’s backed up by 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

I can honestly say that this is the first time I have seen a hybrid device that might have gotten it all right. The folding design, the sleek touchscreen, the easy integration between the two operating systems, the higher resolution display…all of this is just perfect.

Source: SamsungTomorrow

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