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Leak: Is this the iPhone 5 design ?

9to5mac iPhone 5 Leak CaseWe are not surprised to see clandestine photos surface claiming to be shots of the next iPhone’s chasis. At first sight the screen appears to be longer and, as speculation has it, this could be a design to allow a larger battery. One crazy thing is that the headphone jack is plastered on the bottom. The dock connector has been altered too, much smaller in size to the dock connector on existing iPhones. That spells nothing but trouble if you already own peripherals for your iPhone. This is the iPhone 5 and it has the world already grasping for straws to predict what it will be.

It was only last Tuesday that many photos surfaced, claiming to reveal all the goodies of the next iPhone by Apple. 9to5Mac was one culprit, along with couple of repair shops and a Hong Kong mobile phone accessories reseller. The photos only give a glimpse of the plate on the back and a few inside shots. It is impossible to verify whether or not these photos are real. We also cannot determine if we are looking at what will ultimately wind up in the final version of the iPhone 5 or if it is only a prototype. Of course, there is one more possibility. It could be a hoax.

The shrinkage of the docking connector gives way to larger speakers. However, the change puts some out in the cold. Accessories previously purchased will no longer fit the connector. From the photos it might fit a micro USB, but it also could be a smaller proprietary port. The only way around the conflict for Apple is to ship an adapter to allow the previous accessories to fit. Some claim Apple already had room to splurge on larger speakers.

Altering the screen size is one thing, but this appears to be the ratio that has been changed. That means many developers will be frustrated adjusting their programs to fit yet another screen size for Apple devices. If they do not program for this difference, the application will appear either too narrow or too wide, depending on orientation.

LTE 4G has shown itself to be a battery hog. So providing extra space for a larger battery is a necessary step. The question is how Apple will manage to keep the weight down with the larger juice inside. They are already getting far too many calls about their phones dying after only an hour on LTE.

Apple has made a wise choice abandoning the glass back of the iPhone 4, which is notorious for breaking. Instead, the iPhone 5 has an aluminum-like metal alloy back. It does scratch and dent with usage, but at least it does not completely break into shards. The new backing also houses the new, bigger antenna, which will prove a welcomed improvement.

The microphone has been shifted from the top to a small location between the camera and its flash. Also, the Apple notebook unibody design has been employed with this new iPhone.

While Apple says it wants to keep its new products a secret, they are famous for information leaks. You kind of wonder if it is not a marketing tactic.

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