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Apple sets the iPhone Keynote for October 4 at Cupertino, California

Apple iPhone EventOnly a few days remain until the next generation iPhone is to be announced and sources all over the web are reporting that the magic date will be October 4, 2011. A bigger question still has not been addressed: What will Apple be releasing?

Sources all over the net suggest that the next tier iPhone is going to be announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

This event will be held at Apple’s main headquarters, in Cupertino, California. Unlike previous keynotes which took place in San Francisco, Apple has decided to deliver the keynote address closer to home. In addition, AT&T has had some interesting alterations in their employees’ vacation days. To be specific, there have been set blackout points lasting from October 3rd until mid-October. These blackout points are said to have been directly related to an inventory change. What does this mean? In a nutshell, a particular case such as this can only mean one thing: a major release of a top-selling phone, aka Apple’s latest, upgraded iPhone. A confirmed source also notes that AT&T has an updated list of products; six to precise. The six products SKUs may or may not be Apple’s products, however, what else could cause a blackout in a corporation such as AT&T? In response to these allegations, AT&T did not directly respond.

As mentioned before, no one is quite sure what is to be expected in Apple’s next big release. Reports of a 4S, and 5 have all been leaked and even in some circumstances, leaks of cases for these devices have been exposed. Reputable companies such as Casemate and Otterbox have entered this scene with leaked photos of an iPhone 4S/5 case. The housing of these unannounced devices has been based primarily off of the new cases.

The most noticeable differences between the new iPhone cases and the current generation case are the cutouts of the camera bezels. The cutout seems to be larger than the current cases, suggesting that there will be significant improvements in the camera hardware. An 8-megapixel camera with high- definition recording is to be expected in the upcoming device(s), while an A5-dual core processor will give  power to the device.

Apple has been renowned as a company that keeps their upcoming products quiet until the last minute. As a result, countless allegations have been made on what will be released and when. Regardless of what actually will be released, there is one fact: Many people are waiting for this next device. Will it exceed its competitors’ sales?


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