More Product Services are Coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile HeadquarterLast week T-Mobile declared that the company will soon have an expansion of their Direct Carrier Billing department, in order to support a good number of digital products. These services simply allow customers to buy from their preferred web browsers directly and pay whatever they have purchased when they receive their T-Mobile bills.

People will have a good range of options and selections with this kind of T-Mobile feature.  Customers can actually buy games, social networking credits for music and other applications from their T-Mobile phones, tablets, and any computer that happens to be hooked up to T-Mobile network.

This wonderful feature that is being offered by T-Mobile will be available next month. Once the Direct Carrier Billing is active, customers will have the chance to check the different options during their checkout process.

With this kind of service, customers won’t have to worry about additional bills or payments, since they are also given the option to opt out through contacting the T-Mobile help and support team.

Direct Carrier Billing is basically a purchasing program, which is looking to cover customers throughout the whole nation, to provide a secured way of buying digital contents and other services via their devices, which are enabled by the web.

With this type of program, numerous customers will have the opportunity and privilege to purchase all kinds of mobile products. The majority of them are extremely popular among the younger crowd, such as video/mobile games, music, social networking credits, videos, and other digital contents. All of this can be simply added to their current T-Mobile subscription.

What is really fantastic about this program is that digital contents and services can be acquired directly from their T-Mobile phone, or any device that is connected to a web browser. So, offering this type of streamlined service is superb, regardless of the device that you are using.

According to the masterminds behind this program, T-Mobile was considered the first company to provide Direct Carrier Billing to the public in 2009; this was evidenced in the Android Market. Having this type of program offered by T-Mobile, customers will have the opportunity to experience hassle-free, simple, and easy payment of bills.

It’s also a program that allows customers to experience purchases that are based on their browser searches. As you may know, browsers and their searches are conveyed directly to any devices that are connected to a T-Mobile account. Thus, having this kind of program will give purchasing powers to all mobile centric customers.

In addition, the Direct Carrier Billing program will reduce the necessity to enter credit card information, since customers will be paying their bills through BilltoMobile, OpenMarket, Boku, Zong, and Payfone.

People who want to subscribe to this program can also discover a great deal of trusted and reliable online shops for their purchases, bills, and other transactions that need security.

Payments which are made through the Direct Carrier Billing program will be checked directly by T-Mobile; their billing partners assure customers that there won’t be any type of illegitimate transactions. Providing that purchasing power to mobile centric customers is very good, but what would be great it would be the opportunity to grab free tmobile phones.


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