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iOS And Final Fantasy Tactics Don’t Go Well Together

iOS Final FantasyAll the Final Fantasy games have managed to accrue fans all over the world. After the movies were released, more and more players flocked the different stores to purchase their games. As the gaming world evolved to include mobile phones, Final Fantasy was also release as a mobile version.

Nonetheless, there is one particular problem that makes the entire game – Final Fantasy Tactics – almost impossible to play.

Final Fantasy Tactics was developed by Square Enix. They are the ones that were in charge of putting together the mobile version for various Apple devices, such as the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch.

The main problem that the mobile version of Final Fantasy has evidenced is the delay in the movement of the graphics. Every time the player presses a command, there seems to be an interruption in the flow of the game.

If you have played this game before, you are aware that you may throw a spell or use a sword to defend yourself. If you find yourself in the middle of a warzone, you need your character to be able to move fast, and carry out the desired command. Imagine having your character stop and get interrupted each time they’re trying to strike. This can surely make you lose patience and eventually leave the game to the side.

The first version of this game was developed and released for the first PlayStation console 13 years ago. Later on, a new version was released for the PSP. Even though it’s very popular, it’s also quite difficult to play. Every time there’s a battle, you must master the skills of your character in order to fight off the enemies. These enemies can be quite different, and they can also have hidden powers that you will have to discover.

If playing this game on the PlayStation console was hard, picture having to fight off different enemies using the iPhone, with slow responses. Every round of fighting can take countless turns, and the simple fact of using your phone can make it ten thousand times worse.

Numerous Final Fantasy fans around the world are disappointed and annoyed by the downfall the iPhone version has brought upon them. To many, this game is perhaps one of the most remarkable and interesting PlayStation games to ever exist. This is due to the fascinating storyline that the game follows. Unfortunately, this is tainted by the error-filled mobile version.

One interesting, and rather handy feature worthy of being mentioned is the fact that the game gets automatically saved, when you receive a call or text on your iPhone. So, after battling for so long with the delayed graphics, you at least get to save your well-deserved progress during the game.

Another downfall of this mobile game is the price. Currently, it’s being offered at $15.99, which in comparison to other iPhone games it’s considerably expensive. For example, Call of Duty is listed at $4.99 and Angry Birds at $0.99.

The developer, Square Enix, announced later on that they had remedied the problem. However, there is still no evidence of such thing.



  1. SPiKEfail

    Wait what? Have you even played the original or the PSP remake (WOTL)? Both suffer from slow downs (PSP even more) when casting a spell.

    A delay to click? Herp derp just like the original.

    No mention of iPad version or the fact it runs like total ass on the iTouch (no retina display).

    Nice try to “think outside the box” and hate on this game. Try a little harder next time.

    • Thank you for commenting! We just wanted to highlight some of the issues that this game have on iOS platform. Now, it is your own choice if you want to play it or not.
      There’s nothing about hate, the article gives just another point of view.

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