Acer Aspire 5755G Enables a Great Gaming and Video Experience

Acer Aspire 5755GThe Acer Aspire 5750G is a decent middle of the line gaming machine, mostly because of the dedicated graphics and in spite of the slightly weak processor. So when the news arrived that they had produced a newer rendition people were scrambling to test drive it. Their enthusiasm was appropriately placed. The Acer 5755G Laptop is more than a CPU upgrade, it has a new chassis.

The looks are sleek, with the gunmetal colored body and the black textured lid. But you are not likely to be impressed by that. So let’s look closer. Ports abound on this model, with a USB 3.00, two USB’s 2.00, an HDMI output, a multi-card reader and a DVD reader. It lacks Blue-ray and the construction is not the best. However, for Acer it’s a step up, including a bit of give in the keyboard that improves its portability. The overall impression is that there is an improvement over previous models by Acer.

Between the keyboard and the touchpad, they spent far more time on the former, to the neglect of the latter. The keys are full-sized and quite comfortable. They are spaced adequately apart from each other and there is a numberpad. Acer did have to reduce the size of the function keys to almost half, but it is worth it. Also, the keys are sufficiently responsive when typing, giving good feedback.

The touchpad, which is plastic, has some resistance that creates a drag on the cursor movement. The buttons also have a spot where they fail, right in the middle of the rocker switch. The pad is only adequate for surfing, anything else will force you to hook up a mouse.

The screen resolution, 1366×768, is just average for a 15.6 inch at this price. This model should have been given a notch up on this feature to match the dedicated graphics card. The colors were to washed out and the default contrast setting too weak. Likewise, the angle of viewing was a huge letdown. As if using laptops in the sun isn’t hard enough, the glare that reflects off the casing makes it absolutely impossible.

We have to give them snaps, though, for the hardware included. Acer 5755G has an Intel Core i7-2630GM processor, 8G RAM and 750GB hard drive. The Nvidia GeForce GT 540M has a whopping 2G of video RAM on board.

The hardware translates to great gaming and high definition video. Nvidia’s Optimus switching mechanism saves battery power by throttling down the card when the 3D is not needed. So if you want the battery charge to last all day, just do work that does not require 3D graphics.

If you are comparing the 5750G and the 5755G, the improvement is more than noticeable, it is enjoyable. The i7-processor kicks up the guts in this machine to handle most of the recent games. Of course, you’ll have to suck it up when you shell out the bucks for this one. The battery does not take a beating from the improved hardware. For under £1,000Acer 5755G laptop is a good deal.

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