Dell XPS 17 3D Laptop features Blu-Ray, 12Gb RAM and Nvidia Graphic Chipset

Dell XPS 17 3DA few weeks ago, we had covered how Dell had said goodbye to their doomed-since-the-beginning Adamo lappy. Now, it’s turn to take a look at the monster piece they have named XPS 17 3D.

First of all, the LCD screen is very large at 17.3” and 1920 x 1080 pixels, which happens to be one of the brightest in its kind. The name monster is quite proper since it weighs more than 8 pounds, but there are surely more interesting specs that surely make it a monster. Some of these specs are a 500 GB hard drive, Intel Core Processor i7, a BluRay drive, and of course 12 magnificent GB of RAM. If you want to play your favorite video games, this baby is packed with Nvidia GeForce GT 555M.

The XPS comes with dual headphone jacks, an HDMI slot, three USB ports (two are 3.0 and one is 2.0), and a combo USB/eSATA. And as the name describes it – 3D – you will experience that additional dimension to work wonders. That means that when you play your 3D games, your screen won’t freeze. This laptop is capable of running them quite smoothly, making it perhaps one of the most capable current 3D gadgets.

Perhaps the name monster suits this laptop rather well. In the inside it comes with magnificent features, but the outside isn’t all that pretty. First of all, at 8+ pounds it’s rather too heavy to be carrying around. The outer shell gives this computer an outdated look. The keyboard seems to be current since it comes equipped with a backlight, but the keys are way too flat. They also seem to be quite small in comparison to the overall size of the machine.

At the end, though, the XPS 17 3D seems to be fit for those that are looking specifically to play 3D movies or games. While the capacity of the hard drive is nice, you surely can find other laptops at a much lower price than this one.

With 12 GB of RAM, you can expect a fantastic performance from this laptop. Along with the very wide screen, you will have a blast playing 3D video games on it as well. If you use it mainly for your video games, then you might not notice the considerably loud noise generated by the fan. You might also want to go easy on it when it starts to get warm.

At the end, you will purchase the laptop that best suits your needs. If 3D is important to you, then the XPS 17 is the best option currently in the market for you.

If purchased with the described specs, this laptop costs $1,720.


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