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4 Things That Android 3.0 Honeycomb Should Have

Android 3.0 HoneycombAs we have all been witnesses, there are numerous tablets coming out nowadays; their goal is to compete with Apple’s iPad and its legendary iOS. Most of them happen to be Android-based, which in turn was created by Google for its mobile devices that want to compete with the iPhone.

With today’s rising popularity of tablets, the Android OS seemed not enough for the hungry market. Therefore, Google took a plunge and released Android 3.0 Honeycomb. In simpler terms, plain Android is for mobile phones and Honeycomb is for tablets. Even though the majority of tablets are now running on Honeycomb, there are quite a few features that are missing.

Android Phone Integration

It’s a fact that some Honeycomb tablet users have Android powered mobile phones. This interesting fact translates into a “need” of wanting to sync the phone with the tablet. Therefore, you encounter a missing feature! The two devices should be able to connect and sync without problems. Wouldn’t it be an advantage for users if they were able to view and read their messages on their tablet? Or transfer pictures from phone to tablet or vice versa? Although these problems have already been forwarded to Google, the solution to the feature will not come out until the Android 4.0 version is released. Perhaps it’s better to standby and wait for the updated version to be launched.

External storage support

This is something the iPad doesn’t really have. Android powered tablets and even non Android tablets have been battling with this issue due to the fact that they are in need of Google’s control system updates. The Honeycomb doesn’t count with native support, and other manufacturers have found ways to alter their system in order to make USB and card readers work.

Better media file support

Tablets are not really known to play media but it would surely be nice to find one that does. The funny thing is that each tablet supports different types of formats when it comes to media. Although this lack of feature cannot be entirely blamed on Honeycomb, they still have the opportunity to take advantage of this lacking feature. Isn’t it better to step up, and move ahead of the game, instead of merely following trends?


Google is good enough when it comes to providing their users with different applications. Nonetheless, they are still lagging behind. With the competition in high gear, they must create apps that will be unique and powerful, and that it would make Apple-lovers want to switch.  They have to be able to offer something that others don’t have; or at least have the creativity to take an existing feature, and enhance it.

Video calling is perhaps one of the best examples here. Apple has Facetime, Google has what? Nada. They should tie up with video calling companies, such as Skype, and work together to create a free app that will make Honeycomb users crazy; perhaps something like what Lenovo did with Netflix. Create and provide more apps because getting a tablet without them seems to be simply illogical and useless.

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