Samsung QX410-J01, a flawless Notebook

Hardly a month ago, Samsung came up with its latest innovation in 14” inch laptop section, the Samsung QX410 notebook. It seems to be creating quite a buzz, so we at ItsaGadget decided to take a peek.

The Exteriors – Flaunt me silly!

Samsung QX410-J01

The first impression that came to our mind when we set the eye on the notebook was “wow, it has Brushed Aluminum exteriors? – flaunt value! ” Almost all majority of the laptops that we come across featured glossy plastic exteriors with odd “unique” patterns or designs painted on them. Imagine going to a professional board meeting with your laptop, only to notice that the crowd is staring at your laptops beach bikini model that’s painted on its face plate! From the looks of the QX, it’s clear that Samsung aims to project this notebook as a Business class segment or for those who like their Laptop to make a style statement in a rather formal way.

The screen is a 14” inch LED HD display with a resolution of 1366×768 edge-to-edge back-lit display that’s small enough to be portable and large enough to actually get some work done. Right above the screen, you have a decent web-camera and microphone combo.  Samsung has opted to go with Chicklet form factor of keyboard, like the ones you see in higher-end models and Apples.

One the left of the base body, there’s 2 USB ports, VGA sockets, HDMI output, and a 3.5mm jack for the audiophile in you. The optical drive bay, card reader slot & an extra USB port are situatted on the right. Above the keyboard deck,  are the dedicated keys for volume control, and a Wi-fi ON/OFF button. And yeah, for those who often seem to have their laptop “swiped” away from them, there’s a Kensington Lock port to safely secure your love.

Samsung QX410-J01 Keyboard

The Interiors – Going Under!

When we said, QX looks more like Business class notebooks, we never said Samsung compromised the configuration for the sleek looks.  Powered by an Intel® Core™ i5-460M processor, the QX runs Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium. The heart is powered by 512MB NVIDIA Geforce 310M graphics card with Optimus Technology, that auto switches power:performance mode depending on the kind of work you are doing.  Samsung even threw-in a generous 640GB hard disk to dump all you ever wanted into the laptop. However, it seems to be a 5400rpm drive, so for normal desktop work it should suffice but during those gaming sessions, you might experience a lag. We believe Samsung tended to keep the cost under control with this combo, but that apart, you can always swap it with a SSD drive or even a faster Hard disk combo. All this powered by a 6 Cell Lithium Battery will give your laptop the power to last for 7 hours!

All in all, for laptops under $900, the Samsung QX410 deserves a great buy seal.  Its sleek, shiny & powerful, it completes you!

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