Belkin N750 RouterBelkin’s newest wireless dual-band router will push the range of your Wi-Fi much farther and compensate for problems you may be experiencing. It’s improvement to the MIMO technology gives it the edge over other wireless routers.

MIMO has been with us since 802.11n first came out. MIMO coverage is almost two-dimensional, in a circle. The Belkin gives a three-dimensional coverage, though, that encompasses stories above and below in a house, for example.

The company swears that their 3-stream transmission contributes to a 50% improvement on throughput. They also claim the Belkin N750 focuses the stream on the Wi-Fi device, rather than scattering it in all directions all the time. They call it “implicit beam forming”.

In reality you will see this 50% increase on all of your devices and the Internet will load up more quickly. Streaming movies will prove no problem, even if you had had difficulties before. No buffering will be needed at all.

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