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Nokia Lumia Smartphones and the race to stay Relevant

Nokia Lumia 800Nokia has finally come up strong, but it still has many catch up to do. The Finnish mobile manufacturer made a strong statement October 26 by unveiling two spanky-new Smartphones. One of the mobile devices is for customers transiting from featured phones to Smartphones (especially in the developing world) and the other is a high-end phone for folks who are willing to spend that money with wild abandon.

Both Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 run on Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’.  Little wonder Microsoft wants Nokia to succeed. To put short, the phones are design to give the iPhone 4s and galaxy SII a good fight.

Peering through what makes the two Nokia Smartphones rock are some familiar specs similar to what Apple and Samsung have to offer.

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango Update will be out this Fall

Windows Phone Mango FeaturesIn another attempt by Microsoft to keep up with Apple’s iPhone they have announced and showed off the new Windows Phone 7 software upgrade that has been christened with the name of Mango(and is the 7.1 version). It won’t be for sale until this coming fall, but the new features have already been revealed.

Microsoft has stated that their mission and ultimate goal has been to provide users with a phone that is really smarter and simpler to use. Even though the new phone will comes with 500 fresh features it still remains easy to use. They have integrated the multitasking feature which now allows to run two applications at a time which is something that couldn’t be done before.

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