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Mobile Hotspot Blowout Competition


Let’s say you’ve taken your room at the hotel and Internet is not free, but you’ve got so much work staring you in the eyes. While it is true that many hotels offer Internet for free to patrons, there are many still who think they can get away with murder on the prices.

According to In-Stat, a market analysis firm in Phoenix, one night of Wi-Fi can run a patron as much as $30. Additional devices connect at additional charges and even a rate based on usage is levied from time to time.

The solution to this highway robbery is to carry a mobile hotspot with you as you travel. With this device, the size and weight of your wallet, you can hook up to the Net through the 3G and 4G phone services.

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LG’s Home of the Future – Wi-Fi Enabled Appliances

  • 30/04/2011 at 15:41 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

LG Smart FridgeThink about the conveniences that smartphone and laptops have afforded: we can program our DVR while at the airport or in our cars home from work after getting the weather forecast for the next few hours while simultaneously downloading videos from friends and coworkers.

Given the particular developments made recently with product recognizing programs that operate using video technology and the live streaming info feeds that we’ve become accustomed to, appliance giant LG has made a bid that the next things that homeowners will want connected to the Internet will be their appliances; at least the Vice President Kim Young-Soo believes so.

Originally in 2000, Kim Young-Soo and his company LG released a fridge that was Wi-Fi enabled. While only ten years back, the technology simply wasn’t well received.

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Public concern over Apple collecting Location Data via Devices

Apple LogoIn our current world, technology is growing and becoming more advanced day by day, some people see this from a good light, however others believe technology is taking away are privacy and security. In recent years we have seen the use of GPS becoming part of our daily lives, GPS technology has given us many advantages and is being used and developed for a wide diverse of platforms.  GPS technology allows you and others to track and see the location of your devices, this has an obvious flaw, allowing others to find your location and potentially cause harm to you.

As most of you are probably aware, an iOS database file called consolidated.db was discovered on Apple’s devices(iPhone and iPad), this file is known to hold large amounts of geographical data collected from Wi-Fi points and cell towers.  This discovery brought major concern to the tech community, however this finding is not new to the world of technology, many people have known about this “tracking discovery” for a long time.

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MiFi vs. Wi-Fi

  • 19/08/2010 at 14:22 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

MiFiThe next step in Mobile Internet Technology is here and making its presence well known.  This advance in Technology allows you to connect to up to 5 at any one time, such devices include the iPad, iPod, Printer, PSP, Laptop and many other wireless devices with no need for USB’s or wires.

The MiFi was first created by Novatel and introduced in the US in 2009. Currently in the United Kingdom the ‘MiFi’ is trademarked and the Internet service is provided solely by the 3 network. Across the globe, carriers such as Vodafone have launched their own MiFi service in countries such as Germany and Spain.

With some providers such as 3, you can opt to buy this device on a monthly contract (18 or 24 months), the more the pay each month, the higher the usage limit or pay a one off fee (Approximately £69.99) for the device and top it up when necessary.

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