Top 5 of Must Have Gadgets

High-tech gadgets have ceased to be mere novelty items and have become an everyday necessity. They make learning easier, communication faster, and day-to-day functioning convenient and entertaining.

Bundled with top broadband deals, the latest electronic gizmos don’t just keep us abreast with the latest trends; they actually provide us with an advantage at work and in business. Here are the top five gadgets that you should have to maintain your edge in an increasingly high-tech world.

1. Nook Color Digital Book

If you love the written word, the Nook Color e-reader tablet should be in your library. For around $249, you can get their full-colour touch screen model which, when loaded with broadband packages, can also be used to surf the web and connect with social media. If you think Nook Color is a little too expensive, get their $149 model which features a book-page-type, easy-to-read screen. Either way, the slim Nook digital book has an expandable MicroSD slot, extended battery life, and a LendMe application for sharing with fellow book lovers.

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