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Top 5 of Must-Have Gadgets for 2011

Top 5 of Must Have Gadgets

High-tech gadgets have ceased to be mere novelty items and have become an everyday necessity. They make learning easier, communication faster, and day-to-day functioning convenient and entertaining.

Bundled with top broadband deals, the latest electronic gizmos don’t just keep us abreast with the latest trends; they actually provide us with an advantage at work and in business. Here are the top five gadgets that you should have to maintain your edge in an increasingly high-tech world.

1. Nook Color Digital Book

If you love the written word, the Nook Color e-reader tablet should be in your library. For around $249, you can get their full-colour touch screen model which, when loaded with broadband packages, can also be used to surf the web and connect with social media. If you think Nook Color is a little too expensive, get their $149 model which features a book-page-type, easy-to-read screen. Either way, the slim Nook digital book has an expandable MicroSD slot, extended battery life, and a LendMe application for sharing with fellow book lovers.

2. Blackberry PlayBook

After Apple’s iPad introduced the concept of a tablet computer, Blackberry ups the ante with its own version – the Playbook. Smaller at just 7 inches and more business-friendly, the Blackberry Playbook is a whiz at multitasking. For example, you can edit a presentation or play a game while streaming digital video to a TV screen using an HDMI cable. Hooked up with the best broadband deals, the Playbook brings mobile computing to a higher level.

3. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s latest portable gaming device lets you enjoy 3D images without using special eye goggles. It has two screens, two cameras, and a battery that can provide continuous playing time of up to 14 hours. The 3DS system supports Wi-Fi broadband access, making it ideal for taking advantage of the best broadband deals. It provides pre-installed applications and is capable of fast uploads and downloads through its 2GB built-in storage.

4. Apple iPhone 5

The latest version of Apple’s iconic smartphone is expected to be released in June 2011. The iPhone 5 will be thinner and feature a face-recognition mechanism, scratch-and-shatter-proof OLED screen, and 9.3mm glass back. It will incorporate Dual Core processors for browsing and watching all available local channels with impressive resolution. The iPhone 5 also offers excellent online connectivity on the move, including video chat access on 4G, when coupled with the latest broadband packages.  Other notable features include advanced graphic chips, up to 64GB memory, GPS navigation, customized tones and email alerts, wireless connectivity with iTunes, extended battery life, and HD sound.

5. Sony Vaio 3D Computer

Sony lives up to its visual franchise by introducing a computer with 3D effects. The Vaio 3D computer features a wide  monitor that displays 1080p 240fps picture resolution. It is perfect for Play Station fanatics who can now enjoy their favourite games and videos in 3D. Sony’s eye-catching computer features the same technology used on the Bravia high definition TV. The device also allows you to switch from 2D to 3D with a push of a button. Other features include Blu-ray drives, Black Frame insertion, and frame sequential technology for high definition viewing.

The buzzword these days is ’infotainment’ and the above gadgets let you combine information and entertainment to the hilt. Think of them as investments to enhance your competitiveness and personal enjoyment. They are also brilliant gift ideas when you want to impress.

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