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Security firms struggle with Apple iMessage spam

  • 22/08/2014 at 23:08 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Platforms

Apple and MalwareThose with Apple devices, both computer and mobile, may have noticed a growing number of spam messages being sent across the board. That is thanks to a vulnerability with iMessage, which allows spammers to easily send their “offers” to any Apple owners.

In a very short time, 30% of all mobile spam has become the domain of spammers using iMessage, the messaging service by Apple. It is a growing problem that has security firms working over time in an attempt to combat it.

According to reports, one particularly aggressive and widespread spam campaign has managed to up mobile spam in particular. All it takes is a little bit of coding and it is being sent off to Apple devices all at once.

These spam messages are usually selling something, such as knockoff designer items and accessories. Anything could potentially be sent, however, such as messages attempting to connect with “contest winners”, or collecting fake debts as a means to mine financial information. The possibilities are as endless as they are with email spam.

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There is spam in your fridge and it isn’t the canned kind

  • 20/01/2014 at 15:37 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Stop SpamA report from security researchers has claimed that hundreds of thousands of spam emails are being sent using smart devices, including televisions, wireless routers, and even in one instance a refrigerator.

The report comes from the California-based company Proofpoint. In it, they state that many devices are falling under control of a new form of malware they call “thingbots”. It connects various smart technology, making them into an elaborate network that was able to fire off more than 750,000 emails in as little as two weeks.

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18% of World’s Spam was just severely crippled

  • 19/07/2012 at 22:23 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

No SpamThis is really good news for everyone who has an inbox. In an operation that took just 10 days from its initial report through today to complete there was a huge success in the battle against spam. Grum, one of the world’s largest spamming bot nets, was severely crippled losing over 4/5th of its network. The Grum network itself was responsible for 18% of the ENTIRE world’s spam. This is good news for everyone not just any particular country.

The bot net itself was brought down primarily by the actions of FireEye’s Atif Mushtaq who had initially reported on July 9th that he had discovered the bot net and what it would take to remove it from all of our inbox’s lives. For those who are wondering FireEye is one of the premiere trackers of spam and malware and tirelessly work to end their reign of annoyance through terror of what can be done to our computers. In Musthtaq’s outline he pinpointed the 3 major servers that ran this four-year-old network of thousands of computers. Not only did he pinpoint them but he laid out a plan on how to take the bot net down once and for all.

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