Sony NGP PSP 2Sony has recently announced the next version of PSP, called Next Generation Portable or NGP which they are claiming to be equally powerful as the PlayStation 3. There were a good number of rumors in the tech world and different media about the next generation of Sony’s handheld gaming device. Sony made their announcement of the NGP in a press conference which took place at Tokyo with its full specs and details with an estimated release time.

The NGP or PSP2 features connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G and guiding options like GPS or Digital Compass. NGP is going to be big on screen too with its 5-inch OLED display of 960 x 544 pixels. Sony has also considered the long demanded feature of the gamers, dual analog sticks in this portable version of PlayStation. There are more variations of inputs in this device which includes a capacitive touchpad at the rear of this device and a six-axis motion sensing system with three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer.

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