Operating System Articles

HTC is developing an operating system for smartphones

HTC Logo Not BrilliantReports are coming in that Taiwanese mobile technology firm HTC is in the process of developing their own operating system for smartphones. It is a move that shows a possible distancing from providers like Android for their OS.

HTC’s operating system will be on devices aimed specifically at the Chinese market. While their sales have been steady through the rest of the world, their market share in the region has been slipping exponentially for quite some time.

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Microsoft Windows 8 is now RTM and will become available from October 26th

Windows 8 Metro UIToday, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturer (RTM) so the final product is ready for release. After a year of testing and going through a large consumer test, the operating system is ready to be released. The code for Windows 8 is being sent out today to all of Microsoft’s OEM partners and final preparations for the upcoming PC models can now be tested with the final release of Windows 8.

This is Microsoft’s big push on making an actual change to their Operating System to not just hold onto their market lead as the top operating system provider in the world but also to regain some ground that it has lost in recent years.

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