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Apple event hits hard with new MacBook, Apple Watch release date, and more

Apple WatchToday’s Apple Event was one of the most anticipated of the year, with plenty of speculation to go around. Now, we see that it was worth the wait with a few massive announcements that include the Apple Watch’s release date, a new MacBook, and the launch of Apple TV with exclusive HBO Now rights.

Apple Watch Coming To Store In April

Which brings us to the biggest news, and the most interesting since Apple released in iPad back in 2010: the Apple Watch. After months of speculation and rumors, it has been revealed that the Watch will hit shelves on April 24. It will be their first steps into the wearables game, a risky market that they have been carefully preparing for long past the release of competitive devices.

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Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air 2011 Features Intel Core i5 Processor and SSD Memory

Apple Macbook AirCertainly it is common knowledge by now that the 13-inch MacBook Air is both powerful and thin, but no matter how narrow the laptop, some people are just not satisfied. So the 11-inch is a two-inch compromise to fulfill these needs.

At first sight, the 11-inch model is just a smaller rendition of the 13-inch, even matching the appearance of last year’s. The unifying feature in the design is the uni-body casing. The material is aluminum and the slim profile bestows an elegance on the machine that is unparalleled. It quite clearly is a solid laptop made for toting.

Although the smaller the machine the tighter the working space and the stronger the feeling of being cramped, the 11-inch MacBook Air does not suffer from this air. The casing matches more closely the 13-inch than the screen does.

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Apple is no longer immune to Malware

Apple and MalwareIt seems like Apple has seen better days. One of the first things an Apple Specialist will tell you when you’re looking into purchasing a Macbook is that you won’t have to deal with any type of virus or malware. And the truth is that Apple computers had been immune to those for quite a long time… until now when they are confessing that the malware has gotten worse.

How is malware attacking Mac users? Well, it seems to be that the trap – referred to as Mac Defender – is when making use of Google images. When clicking on a bad picture it will take the user to a window that reads like this: “To help protect your computer Apple Web Security have detected Trojans and ready to remove them. Cancel – Remove all”. As you can see the rather bizarre wording of the “alert” can make any English speaker suspicious but the appearance of the message might trick anybody. Users that have just started to use Mac might be fooled easier since they are not aware and don’t know what to expect as an alert.

When this message pops up, it’s trying to get the user to install a certain program that will “remove all Trojans”. The user is probably thinking that the computer is really infected so he or she will most likely install it.

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