Sprint Kyocera EchoHave you ever wanted to browse two websites at once? Or maybe scroll through image folders while viewing images they contain? Well, the time has come to fulfill your wishes as Sprint announces Kyocera Echo.

The foremost wireless 4G service provider from a national carrier in the United States, Sprint Nextel, and the leading supplier of telecommunications equipment and electronic components, Kyocera Communications Inc., announced on February 07, 2011 the first dual-touchscreen Android smartphone, Kyocera Echo.

The thing that makes this phone so special and cool is that it’s endowed with two high-resolution 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen displays connected by a patent-pending “pivot hinge” that enables this two displays to operate independently, side-by-side or combined to form an oversized 4.7-inch (diagonally) integrated display.

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