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Apple forced to cut back production on iPhone 5c amidst weak sales

Apple iPhone 5CThough originally expected to do well, the iPhone 5c has failed to live up to Apple’s predictions. Now sources close to the company say they are reducing orders, as sales are likely going to drop more.

While the sales are a disappointment for a model they thought would sell in droves, this isn’t a surprise. The iPhone 5c was launched right alongside the iPhone 5s, which has managed to capture a lot more attention.

Had there been a greater disparity between the prices, more people might have opted for the less impressive model. But with the iPhone 5s being only $199, and the iPhone 5c being $99 with far fewer features and power under the hood, you can’t blame the public going for the upgrade.

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Apple announced iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: 64-Bit A7 CPU, Fingerprint Sensor and iOS 7

Apple iPhone 5SApple held an event this afternoon, talking about the future of their iPhone line. As was speculated by many, one of the devices announced was the iPhone 5s. But along with that came word of the iPhone 5c, two releases that tech fans are sure to get excited about.

iPhone 5Ss

Every iPhone has had its ‘S’ upgrade, but this one is a little bit different. Unlike the iPhone 4S or the 3GS, this one is one isn’t just a standard improvement of a couple of features. They went all out on boosting the performance of the 5s, making it something more like an all new product between the 5 and 6 in the series.

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