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Google Home and the amazing power of Google Assistant

Google HomeGoogle announced a new device for your home, the Google Home. In short, the Google Home is a wifi connected speaker that appears to be a first generation personal assistant. Mario Queiroz, the executive behind the project. Queiroz was in charge of the Chromecast.

The Google Home is a competitor to Amazon’s Echo. For starters, it’s a speaker that’s always listening, can play music and can connect you to services like Google Assistant, Gmail, Google calendar, Google Play music and other Google Cast services (Such as Spotify). The device can communicate with a Chromecast to play music or stream video through your television.

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Facebook Home, an interface made for social enthusiasts

HTC First Facebook HomeLast week Facebook announced HTC First, a phone made for ‘people, not apps’. During the announcement event, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage, as usual, to speak about Facebook’s new achievement: a suite of apps “disguised” under Home brand. Facebook Home looks like a regular user interface, similar with what we’ve seen at HTC, LG, Samsung or other Android OEM’s.

The difference between Facebook and other Android OEM’s is that Facebook has a powerful weapon: the biggest social network in the world. When you design a phone for over 1 billion active social users, you have a lot of chances to succeed. Add Android openness to this recipe and you’ll also have the perfect partner. Voilà!

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