Google Wallet SystemGoogle keeps leading the way with innovative ideas and this Thursday they have announced their latest move which is called Google Wallet and Google Offers. Their VP of Commerce Stephanie Tilenius made the announcement and stated that their goal is to combine all parts of retail shopping in order to improve the shopping experience of the future.

Many shoppers will be happy to know that Google has made sure to include coupons and discounts in this new service. The shoppers will see the coupons whenever they purchase things through their phone. Your phone will be able to detect what items you have purchased before and will pop up coupons in the future for those same items. Or if you are inside a store it will also detect it and show it to you, you will be able to proceed to the cashier and scan your phone through a designated terminal to apply the coupon and charge your card. In the future the store receipts will be sent to your mobile phone.

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