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Gartner, IDC reports confirm that PC Shipments continue to shrink

  • 11/07/2013 at 02:44 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Gartner PC Shipments 2Q13It appears that PC shipments are not doing quite well over the last years. The numbers continue to drop and the latest reports that just came out today from Gartner and IDC confirm this trend. Compared to the same semester of the last year the shrink is quite drastic, 11 percent. Maybe now it’s the last call for the big companies you see in the chart to come up with something new, otherwise they might risk going backwards.

This dropping trend of PC shipments acts worldwide and all companies are affected. As we can see in the first image(from Gartner), Acer and ASUS were the companies that recorded the highest drop in the second semester of 2013, with 35.3 and 20.5 percent less PC delivered.

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Tablets are pushing Computer Sales Down, says a recent Gartner Study

Tablets vs Computers

A new study carried out by Gartner has found that computer sales will decrease to approximately 9.3% this year. The main reason behind the decrease is the fact that users are starting to keep their computer for longer periods of time in order to cut down their expenses. This came as a surprise since the same firm had made estimations that computer sales would increase rather than decrease. They continued to explain that the decrease was also influenced by the increasing sales of the popular iPad, among other tablets.

The study continued to find that tablets are not necessarily substituting computer sales but rather delaying them. Ranjil Atwal, research director, stated that mini-notebook sales have evidently decreased, and this has affected the overall computer sales. He highlighted that iPad purchases as substitution to regular computers was minimum, but still affected the final reports.

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