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Samsung IFA 2012 Unpacked: Windows 8 Devices and Galaxy Note II

Samsung UnpackedYesterday, when Sony was giving their IFA 2012 presentation, Samsung was preparing for its Unpacked event to give us their latest devices. If last year was primarily showing off mobile devices – there was an increase in laptops and tablets being added to the mix for this year.

Once again, the release of the Windows 8 operating system is clearly showing where Samsung is gambling with most of this year’s announcements. Aside from a flagship Android device, every other major announcement was based on Windows 8 architecture.

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Tech giants rush to announce new devices over the next weeks

Tech EyeFrom now until the end of September many of the big powerhouses in mobile technology are preparing to open up their doors to let us have a glance at what they’ve been developing all year. We’re all getting a front row seat to what is about to be released for the holiday season and there are some big changes on the horizon. Once upon a time these announcements were for products that would be available 6 months out or even further but with Apple’s keynotes taking the center stage to success all of these products will be ready to order within 24 hours of the announcement. While most of these will be pre-orders the shipment times are almost never that far out these days and for everyone who is looking forward to a piece of tech from their favorite vendor it’s time to ready your pocketbooks on what may be about to come.

Samsung is kicking off the announcements with the only major event that takes place in August. On August 29th they will be holding their Unpacked event in Berlin which is going to be showcasing “something” from Samsung Mobile. The rumor mill has it as the over sized Galaxy Note II though with the painful lawsuit they just had to go through with Apple I’m unsure if a single product is all that we’ll be seeing from them. They need some positive press so I would expect a few extra hints of things to come.

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